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Iron Works Houston, TX

Beauty meets function in the products from Reed Ironworks Iron Gates & Fence Company. Carefully crafted iron gates, custom fences, automated and privacy gates, and custom ironwork are shaped and installed by our team of experienced professionals. We’ve spent the past eight years working tirelessly to become one the most respected iron works in Houston, TX. Contact us today to request a free estimate or to discuss your next project!

Our Service Area Includes:

  • Cypress, TX
  • Katy, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Harris County, TX
  • Fort Bend County, TX
  • Jersey Village, TX
  • Cinco Ranch, TX

Built To Last

Since 2011, Reed Ironworks Iron Gates & Fence Company has been proudly serving Houston area residents with high-quality wrought iron fixtures. Homeowners are often shy of investing in wrought iron pieces at first due to the upfront cost. While more expensive than other fence and gate materials, the benefits of iron fencing, gates, and decorative pieces far outweigh the price.

Benefits of Wrought Iron

Security: Keep your home safe by surrounding your property with a sturdy wrought iron fence. This provides a significant deterrent to intruders and can be easily capped off with an automatic gate opener for enhanced security and convenience.

Easy Installation: While Reed Ironworks offers professional installation, wrought iron is also an excellent material for DIYers. Fences, gates, and rails are designed in easy-to-install panels, making for a convenient weekend project.

Easy Maintenance: Where you’ll spend countless hours washing and refinishing wood or pressure washing vinyl and aluminum, iron requires only occasional cleaning. All you need is a brush for scrubbing, clean water for rinsing and paint for touch up.

Adds Elegance and Value: On top of the peace of mind you get from knowing your property and family are safe, wrought iron adds an elegant appeal to any home. You’ll also add to your resale value!

Durability: Simply put, no other fencing material is as long-lasting or durable as wrought iron. This goes not only for daily wear and tear, but also counts for accidental vehicular damage or storm damage.

Countless Design Options: Wrought iron comes in a variety of shapes and designs, giving buyers the freedom to choose what suits their tastes and style. You’ll be able to make your iron pieces unique and set yourself apart.

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